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Services in Alderminster follow a regular pattern, but please check this site for the most up to date information as there are seasonal variations to the service schedule.

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Background information

Alderminster Church has a musical tradition and had a choir until relatively recently. There is a fine organ dating from 1897. It was moved to its present position in 1866. Substantial cleaning and repair work was carried out in 2007.

There are 51 members on Electoral Roll, 6 of whom live outside the parish. The older members attend services most regularly. Young families come less regularly to the monthly All Age service at 10am on the 2nd Sunday of each month. On the first Sunday of the month, the lay Worship Team arranges a 10am Morning Worship service, based on Morning Prayer with a talk by one of the members, and this has proved quite popular, with congregations of between 15 and 20. In May there is a "walkabout" Rogation Service.

Some of the Worship Team attended the course on Leading Worship run by the Diocese, and found it very helpful. Our two Holy Communion services are at 7pm (CW) on the 1st Thursday of each month, and at 10 am (CW) on the 4th Sunday, with an additional 8am (BCP) Holy Communion when there is a 5th Sunday in the month. Congregation numbers vary between 5-8 at the 8am and 7pm services to 20 or more at the 10am service.

Visitors frequently remark that they appreciate the friendly atmosphere and sense of spirituality. Every 3rd Sunday, there is a joint service, which rotates round the Benefice. The churchmanship in Alderminster was once (within the memory of many residents) "high", but has recently become more middle-of-the-road, with vestments used but not incense. Recently, with the Bishops permission, provision for Reserving the Sacrament was re-established.

Our regular services

St. Mary and Holy Cross

1st Sunday of the month

10 am Morning worship

1st Wednesday of the month

10 am CW Communion

2nd Sunday of the month

8am BCP Communion

3rd Sunday of the month

United Benefice Service

4th Sunday of the month

10 am Common Worship
4pm Messy Church

5th Sunday of the month

10.00 Family Service.