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About the village

Butlers Marston is approximately one mile west of Kineton on the road to Pillerton Hersey and Stratford (B4451). The village population as at January 2012 was 195 adults and 32 children of school age.

The village was originally called Mereston Botelier and lay to the east of the present village centre and Parish Church. The village was evacuated after the black death.

The village centre lies to the north of the main road with most of the houses facing onto the village green. There is a mixture of new and older houses, and a small development of housing association bungalows. There are two former school premises in the village; the older Victorian building has been converted into a private dwelling, the later school built in the 1960s is empty at present following its closure. The nearest schools, and other facilities, are in Kineton.

Services in Butlers Marston

The Church of St. Peter and St. Paul

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