Village Events

There are various village events taking place in the Pillertons throughout the year.

Some of these are organised by the church and some by the "Friends of St Mary's" Committee. This is a non-denominational group, which was formed in 1980, and has raised well over £60,000 for the Church since it began. The Friends’ objective is to enable all in the locality to share in the maintenance of the fabric and upkeep of the Church and to have social events that bring us together as friends and "Pillertonians"!

Events are planned months in advance but if you would like to find out more about what's planned or wish to help out email

What's on

News for Pillerton Priors and Pillerton Hersey


Sunday 29th June - 6.30 for 7pm

Bring your own picnic, drinks rug or chairs £10.00  a head for church Fabric fund

Children free 

Tickets available through

Jenifer Lewthwaite - 740 688