About us

Nestling into the “Heart of England” in the south of Warwickshire are six attractive village churches that form the Stourdene Benefice, part of the Diocese of Coventry.

Ettington Jubilee

Ettington is the largest of the six villages. The House for Duty Minister, John Horton, lives in Alderminster. The population of each village is made up of a mixture of young and elderly people. There are those who retired early and some who have been retired for many years; there are young families plus many who work and some who are unemployed; some work from home, there are farmers, commuters, indeed a wide range of occupations and skills are represented in our communities.

The area is on the edge of the Cotswold Hills and close to Stratford-on-Avon and so attracts many visitors especially in the summer months when several of our churches serve teas on Sunday afternoons in July and August and on bank holiday afternoons too.

As a group of Churches we endeavour to serve our communities and are always open to requests to perform weddings and baptisms. Funerals too are an inevitable part of the life of any village. Sunday worship is varied with each church having its own particular style of worship sometimes led by the highly competent lay worship teams.

In addition to the regular worship of the benefice we are anxious to explore ways of making the gospel message relevant to those outside the church.

The church as an organisation exists for those who are non-members and we are passionate about serving the wider community and are constantly looking for new ways in which to do this. As part of this we are involved with our two local schools at Ettington and Newbold & Tredington; we have GIFT which is our popular benefice Youth Group, there is a Sunday School titled Family Get Together and afternoon teas are held in the village halls at Alderminster and Halford. In 2010 Alderminster Churchyard was designated as a special conservation area and has been used to help young people explore various aspects of creation as part of our Christian responsibility to recognise God's Lordship of creation.

Whilst serving the local community with our churches, we are also concerned to relate to all in the benefice in other, innovative ways in order that our faith is lived out and communicated in a relevant way to daily community life.

The Stourdene Benefice

The six churches that make up the benefice:

Pillerton Church Fete