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Church News August 2014


Dear Friends,

We received an appeal recently to help the people of the Central Africa Republic where a very brutal war is ruining the lives of many people. We hear very little about this conflict in our media but it is reported that around two thousand people are fleeing the country daily, crossing the border into Cameroon. Some 2.5 million people are estimated to be in urgent need of clean water and food whilst 750,000 have been forced to abandon their homes. The conflict so far has been especially violent.

In addition to events in the Central Africa Republic, the conflict in South Sudan continues as does the on-going battle with Islamic militants, Boko Haram, in Northern Nigeria. These events too seldom feature in our news although we do hear a little from time to time about other conflicts in Iraq, Syria and the of course the Ukraine following the destruction of the Malaysian Airlines plane recently. The appallingly one-sided conflict in Gaza is daily in the headlines at present. All these wars have displaced thousands of people from their homes leaving them all in a very vulnerable state, short of food, water and open to all kinds of disease. For many their way of life will never be the same again, their jobs, their security, their dignity are gone.

As I was preparing to write this I also received the latest monthly prayer letter and update from the Fosse Foodbank. Again this is something that continues its work with some of the poorest and most disadvantaged people in our area largely without publicity and it is right that this should be so. The Foodbank now has distribution centres in Kineton, Wellesbourne, Lighthorne Heath and Southam. It is hoped that in due course we might also have a distribution point here in the Stourdene Benefice but in the meantime contributions of food are still most welcome. If you are able to give to the Foodbank we try and collect any food that is left in the churches on a regular basis and ensure that it goes over to the main warehouse in Kineton. There is a list of the type of food required in each church, often by the food collection box – please try to keep to what is on the list because other items keep less well and could be wasted.

In all our schools there are a few children who need free school meals because without them they would not receive a good meal at home. During our summer holidays it is important to be aware that those children will not be receiving free school meals for the coming weeks and leaving some families struggling. If you are aware of people who are in difficulties please do let Cath, Ali or I know and we can arrange for these families to receive help from the Foodbank.

Please enjoy your summer holidays and return refreshed for the autumn but do please try to keep informed of the plight of those less well off than ourselves locally and further afield. Please keep these people and their countries in your prayers. Most of our churches have information from organisations like Christian Aid or Tearfund to keep you up-to-date so please use it!

Have a great summer!


John Horton

August 2014

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