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We’ve had a seemingly eclectic mix of themes this term.

In our first session after the Summer holidays, we reminded ourselves of the good work we did in raising £291 for Shelter and the fun we had sleeping in the church. This was followed by a guest speaker who spoke movingly of their experience living on the street; a talk that none of us will forget in a hurry.

Since then, we have worked on harvesting our God given talents and explored the meaning of light and dark, both themes that recur in the Bible.  We’ve had a little healthy competition  through games such as Unicorn (who can pile their forehead with the most biscuits like a unicorn horn) and blind bug building.

During our light meeting we used sparklers/torches to spell out a word or draw something in light.  We  recorded the results on a camera with a slow shutter speed with some stunning results.

Finally, we have begun working on our contribution to the Christmas tree festival on the 2nd and 3rd of December  in Ettington Church. Watch this space for the results!!


Ruby and Flora 20171005_192834 sparkler light

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