Love, Hope, Faith & Charity

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Our first 4 sessions centred on Love, Hope, Faith and Charity.

In Love we talked about the importance of being ourselves and loving our own qualities along with appreciating the differences in each other.

For Hope we discussed our hopes for the future and also more mundane desires such as hopes for a new pair of shoes. We widened the circle and asked about hopes for our society and feelings of hopelessness.  Also how, even in  desperately seeming situations, hope and prayer can see us through.  As we had just had Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes and held pancake tossing races. Some of us were very good.

Faith activities included a blindfolded obstacle course in pairs. One of the pair verbally guided their blindfolded partner around , up and over the obstacles. This is literally blind trust and faith in the seeing person.  There was lots of  laughter and our pairs were very competitive! We also had a quiz on different Faiths and the differences between them.

Charity began with us broadly looking and naming as many charities as we could and through a series of activities we isolated the top grossing charities and speculated as to why? We discussed supporting a charity and we narrowed down our choice to Shelter.




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