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The Entrust Care Partnership have written to us about their new ‘Out and about’ service.
Please help them if you can.

We are launching a brand new service thanks to the generosity of Children in Need. Our three year funding has enabled us to employ our first ever part time member of staff, we are absolutely delighted to announce that SELINA TURNER has joined us at Entrust Care Partnership as our Out and About Co-ordinator.

The Out and About Service will provide volunteer befrienders who will work with families across Warwickshire and Solihull to offer the opportunity for disabled children and young people to enjoy activities of their choice out and about in the community or at home with the support of a volunteer.

Selina will be responsible for the recruitment, training and management of the volunteers carefully ‘matching’ them with a child, young person and the family.  She will initially visit families at home to discuss individual needs and support a good link. Following a Befriender link a period of ‘getting to know you’ activities will be undertaken, this would enable a good understanding of the child or young person’s special requirements in communication, mobility, health and interests.

The family, child or young person, ‘Out and About’ Coordinator and the Befriender would work together to identify the preferred activity such as attending one of the uniformed organisations, joining an after school or youth club, sports sessions or more simply accessing free local facilities.

The service will be time limited so more youngsters can be supported, this would be dependent on need and availability of the befrienders. Ideally it is hoped that following our supported intervention that the service provider would feel confident to continue for the longer term.  Parents will be expected to fund the selected activities for their son or daughter, Entrust Care Partnership will meet the volunteer costs up to an agreed amount. There will be a reasonable charge per hour for the service which Selina will discuss with you during the first contact.

If you would like to volunteer or would like to register for this service please ring Selina on 07525 785594 (Please note that she works Thursday and Fridays)

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