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With primroses, daffodils and violets all in bloom and new born lambs gambolling around in the fields, one might be forgiven for thinking that April has arrived early this year. The unusually mild winter has encouraged everything to develop rapidly although more rain is desperately needed if the crops are to reach their full potential.

For Christians the season of Lent is all about drawing up the nutrients that we need to reach maturity in our faith. It is about taking time to reflect on our lives and how we can mature further, growing in faith, and developing our ability to serve God and our communities better. Holy Week is especially important in this process as we recall Christ’s journey to the cross, the grave and eventually the resurrection on Easter Day.

It is a special part of the Church’s calendar and this year Holy Week falls in the first week of April. Every day there will be events designed to provide fun and some serious reflection about what this season means. We are hoping that these activities will appeal, not only to regular church-goers, but anyone in our communities who might like to reflect more carefully on the meaning of this season.

All our parishes will be hosting events and you might like to consider joining in. Some are designed especially for children and families bearing in mind that it will also be the school holidays at the time. Here is a sample of what is on offer but please do not feel you have to go only to what is in your village – everyone is welcome to everything!

  • Monday 2nd; April 10am Childrens’ workshop making hot cross buns at Pillerton Village Hall followed by coffee when you can taste the fruit of their labours!
  • Tuesday 3rd; April 7.30pm Shipston Deanery Eucharist at Brailes Church.
  • Wednesday 4th; April 10am Newbold Church hosts a reflective Communion Service for Holy Week.
  • Thursday 5th; April 6.30pm in Ettington Community Centre there will be a bring-and-share meal recalling the last supper. This will include readings, prayers and hymns; a very simple communion and some foot washing (don’t worry it is not compulsory!). It should be both educational and fun!
  • At 8pm on Maundy Thursday there will be a vigil in Alderminster Church.
  • Good Friday 6th; April at 10.30am, Alderminster Village Hall hosts a Childrens’ Craft Workshop followed by a very short act of worship in Church.
  • 2pm on Good Friday in Halford Church – a special service for Good Friday.
  • 7.30pm Alderminster Village Hall – an opportunity to see a film about the events of Good Friday made by the BBC using a cast of excellent actors.
  • Saturday 7th; April at 6pm there will be an event called “The Light of Christ” at Butlers Marston. It will begin in the church but move out into the village as children and families proclaim that “Christ is Risen” by taking lights to homes around the village.

There are a wide range of activities covering each of the six parishes in our benefice and offering food for body, soul and mind. We do hope you might be able to join with and enjoy at least some of them. Services for Easter Sunday are advertised elsewhere but you are very welcome to attend any that may appeal to you.

Whatever you are doing over this Easter period we trust that you will all have a very happy, meaningful and joyful Easter.


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