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Hats off to leader Mark for taking the time to google every youngster’s name in GIFT and find the origin! Do you know the origin of your own name? Mark didn’t just get bored one evening, he did do it for a reason. In honour of St George the youngsters produced their own shields which represented themselves and the things that mattered to them. They could use the origin of their own name if they wished. Look out for the finished products on display in Ettington Church and see if you can guess whose shield is whose. After a mini potted history on St George (who the youngsters correctly guessed was martyred by “having his head chopped off – yeah!”) Steve Evans foxed everyone with his devilishly difficult quiz and in the chaos that ensued, and generally does around the time a sugar fix is required, we’ve absolutely no idea who won. We did manage to get outside for the first time in a long while as it was such a pleasant evening so let’s pray for more of those in the weeks to come. The next session will be on Tuesday 7th May at 7pm when we should be able to reveal some of our plans for the rest of the term, including a session on the playing field at the Community Centre and an end of term party/BBQ. Jane.

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