The World’s Largest Pancake

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Apparently, the world’s largest pancake was 15 metres in diameter! Our pancakes at youth group certainly weren’t anywhere near that big but they were most definitely very tasty. We’re not sure how Steve Lowe managed to cook so many in such a short space of time – or even why he could bring himself to do it – but we are certainly glad he did! With various toppings including chopped fruit (the healthy option), squirty cream, chocolate buttons and a host of ‘squeezy’ items to choose from as well, it rounded off a great session that included a quiz based around facts on Lent and Shrove Tuesday devised by Steve Evans. The winning team consisted of Luis Saunders, George Wade, Sam Rawles and Charlie Reynolds – well done lads. As Fairtrade Fortnight runs from Monday 25th February to Sunday 10th March, we will be basing our session around Fairtrade on Tuesday. Don’t forget to let Jane have your money for Cadbury World and a current Consent Form if you haven’t already provided one. Jane Evans.

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John Horton
Mar 12, 2013 at 8:55 pm

Fosse Foodbank

We plan to start collecting food for the new Fosse Foodbank before Easter and so if you would like to contribute to the Foodbank the items required are listed below. Please take them along to churches in the Stourdene Group of parishes in the week or two before Easter.
UHT or Powdered Milk
Sugar (500 gram)
Fruit Juice (long life carton)
Pasta sauces
Sponge Pudding (Tinned)
Tomatoes (Tinned)
Rice Pudding (Tinned)
Tea Bags/Instant Coffee
Instant mash potato
Tinned meat/fish
Tinned vegetables
Tinned fruit
Biscuits or snack bars

Volunteers wanted!
The first supermarket collection is to take place at Morrison’s in Banbury on 27th; March – volunteers are needed to help with this. It starts at 10 am and ends at 4 pm and people are asked to help with 2 hour shifts please.

Volunteers are especially needed to help with administration and fundraising.

There will be a presentation about the new Foodbank at Ettington Church on Wednesday 8th; May at 7.30 pm by the Reverend Barry Jackson for all who would like to know more.


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