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We had Fun.

Posted by GIFT admin on Jan 30, 2017 in GIFT

In our first session we learned something small about each other. Then played silly games & ate sweets, hot dogs and fairy cakes.

We are looking forward to meeting again in February!

Don’t worry if you missed the first one, you are still welcome to pop into Ettington church between 7-8.30 pm on the 16th February and every fortnight from then on.



Gift is back!

Posted by GIFT admin on Jan 17, 2017 in GIFT

On January the 26th we are relaunching Gift.  We have been away for some time but we are back with an enthusiastic team which includes three young adults.

Our first taster session is at:


 Ettington Community centre,

Thursday 26th January

 7-8.30 P.M.


all youngsters who are in year 6 – 16 years of age from within the benefice are welcome.


 Future sessions will be at Ettington Church 7pm to 8.30pm

16th February

2nd March

16th March

30th March




Is summer finally here???

Posted by GIFT admin on Jul 4, 2013 in GIFT

We think summer may well be here at last! The youngsters have even managed to get outside over the past couple of months. Last night’s session was the last one in the church until September but in 2 weeks time our end of term BBQ will be held at Ettington Vicarage from 7-8.30pm for any GIFT members who wish to come along. For catering purposes it would be good if you could let Jane know in plenty of time if you are attending. Activities have been varied this term. Back by popular demand was GIFT’s own version of Blind Date (complete with terrible Cilla Black impersonations) and a St George’s day activity which included designing our own shields to reflect our interests and aspirations. Our version of ‘The Price is Right’ pitted boys against girls and tested how well we know the value of some of the goods we buy. The youngsters have had time to chill and chat, time to release some excess energy, lots of hot chocolate and, hopefully, have enjoyed themselves in the process. Leaders will be meeting up during the summer holiday to plan the autumn term and we’d like to wish a fond farewell to Steve Evans who is hanging up his hat after many years as a GIFT leader. He will be missed by the youngsters I’m sure. Mark, Jane & The Steves.


What’s in a Name………

Posted by GIFT admin on Apr 30, 2013 in GIFT

Hats off to leader Mark for taking the time to google every youngster’s name in GIFT and find the origin! Do you know the origin of your own name? Mark didn’t just get bored one evening, he did do it for a reason. In honour of St George the youngsters produced their own shields which represented themselves and the things that mattered to them. They could use the origin of their own name if they wished. Look out for the finished products on display in Ettington Church and see if you can guess whose shield is whose. After a mini potted history on St George (who the youngsters correctly guessed was martyred by “having his head chopped off – yeah!”) Steve Evans foxed everyone with his devilishly difficult quiz and in the chaos that ensued, and generally does around the time a sugar fix is required, we’ve absolutely no idea who won. We did manage to get outside for the first time in a long while as it was such a pleasant evening so let’s pray for more of those in the weeks to come. The next session will be on Tuesday 7th May at 7pm when we should be able to reveal some of our plans for the rest of the term, including a session on the playing field at the Community Centre and an end of term party/BBQ. Jane.


Cry — God for Harry! England and Saint George!

Posted by GIFT admin on Apr 19, 2013 in GIFT

No, we won’t be studying Shakespeare’s Henry V on Tuesday evening (even if it is his birthday) but as it’s St George’s Day we thought it only appropriate that we celebrate the occasion. Suitably ‘saintly’ activities are planned including some creative heraldry and another of Steve Evans’ delightful quizzes. Hopefully by the end of the evening we will all have learned a little more about St George too. Watch this space for a report on the evening’s activities. Jane Evans.

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