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Our latest news

Posted by GIFT admin on Nov 14, 2017 in GIFT

We’ve had a seemingly eclectic mix of themes this term.

In our first session after the Summer holidays, we reminded ourselves of the good work we did in raising £291 for Shelter and the fun we had sleeping in the church. This was followed by a guest speaker who spoke movingly of their experience living on the street; a talk that none of us will forget in a hurry.

Since then, we have worked on harvesting our God given talents and explored the meaning of light and dark, both themes that recur in the Bible.  We’ve had a little healthy competition  through games such as Unicorn (who can pile their forehead with the most biscuits like a unicorn horn) and blind bug building.

During our light meeting we used sparklers/torches to spell out a word or draw something in light.  We  recorded the results on a camera with a slow shutter speed with some stunning results.

Finally, we have begun working on our contribution to the Christmas tree festival on the 2nd and 3rd of December  in Ettington Church. Watch this space for the results!!


Ruby and Flora 20171005_192834 sparkler light


Autumn dates

Posted by GIFT admin on Jul 21, 2017 in GIFT

GIFT have ended this term with a celebratory trip to Jump-in and a mad hour of trampolining. Great fun for all!

Whilst there we began thinking ahead to Autumn and have fixed our session dates till Christmas as below:

7th September

21st September

5th October

19th October

2nd November

16th November

30th November

14th December

We look forward to seeing anyone who would like to come along from year 6 primary -16 years old. We meet on alternate Thursdays from 7-8.30 in Ettington Church.  In the meantime happy holidays to all.


Sleep-in and Barbeque!

Posted by GIFT admin on Jul 10, 2017 in GIFT

We have had a busy half term learning about the charity Shelter and their vision of a safe, secure, affordable home for everyone. This has included a wide variety of activities encompassing games, blindfolded cake decorating, drawing and pottery as well as the more serious.  All culminating in a fundraising barbeque and a sleep-in the church for the youngsters.

The barbeque was attended by family and friends including the very young to the older!  Steve L did a fine job of cooking up  sausages and burgers which were accompanied by a range of donated salads.  A lot of fun was had with an old parachute and the younger children enjoyed running around the grounds –  luckily for all the weather was dry!!

Once everyone else had gone home GIFT and leaders played egg roulette and the alphabet game under the parachute. When dark we laid out our mats & sleeping bags in the church and projected the film:  ’A street cat named Bob,’ onto a big screen. Steve E made hot chocolate and some of us played board games into the early hours.  Sleep was compromised but it was a very enjoyable evening and the youngsters should be applauded for helping to highlight  the importance of  Shelter.



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Future dates and activities

Posted by GIFT admin on May 4, 2017 in GIFT

Future dates are:

  • 11th May
  • 25th May
  • 8th June
  • 22nd June
  • 6th/possibly 7th July
  • 20th July

All in Ettington Church 7-8.30 pm.  Everyone from Year 6 –  16 years old is welcome.

During these sessions we will be focusing further on the work off Shelter . Understanding what it means to be homeless, the causes and who may be affected.  We intend to fund raise for the charity and hope to have a sleep in at Ettington Church on the 7th July.


Love, Hope, Faith & Charity

Posted by GIFT admin on May 4, 2017 in GIFT

Our first 4 sessions centred on Love, Hope, Faith and Charity.

In Love we talked about the importance of being ourselves and loving our own qualities along with appreciating the differences in each other.

For Hope we discussed our hopes for the future and also more mundane desires such as hopes for a new pair of shoes. We widened the circle and asked about hopes for our society and feelings of hopelessness.  Also how, even in  desperately seeming situations, hope and prayer can see us through.  As we had just had Shrove Tuesday we made pancakes and held pancake tossing races. Some of us were very good.

Faith activities included a blindfolded obstacle course in pairs. One of the pair verbally guided their blindfolded partner around , up and over the obstacles. This is literally blind trust and faith in the seeing person.  There was lots of  laughter and our pairs were very competitive! We also had a quiz on different Faiths and the differences between them.

Charity began with us broadly looking and naming as many charities as we could and through a series of activities we isolated the top grossing charities and speculated as to why? We discussed supporting a charity and we narrowed down our choice to Shelter.




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