GIFT Visit to Cadbury World

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I suppose that there might well be worse ways of spending a dreary, cold, mid-March Saturday afternoon than taking a visit around one of the world’s most famous (stand aside for the moment Mr Willy Wonka and your oompa loompas) chocolate factories; Cadbury World. Imagine, if you can, having the power to create your own, unique chocolate flavour…., standing in an almost fairytale, fantastical factory and having to choose between fillings such as marshmallows, rice krispies, white chocolate buttons, hazelnuts and jelly babies. Your choice made (I can thoroughly recommend the rice krispie option), you then watch for an indulgently mouth-watering 5 seconds or so as your mug is topped up with unctuous, molten Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate…. At best, heavenly; at worst simply yummy. In short a very pleasurable experience. And this was just the beginning. Not unsurprisingly, chocolate was never far from our thoughts, nor in short supply. As we embarked on our tour, chocolate bars were issued; this time Crunchie bars and Curly Wurlies (after the molten chocolate experience, these “regular” bars had a more digestible healthy “bite” to them…!). We then went on to learn about the history of chocolate and how the Cadbury family made their chocolate so delicious by adding the distinctive ‘glass and a half’ of full dairy milk to each batch. There were live demonstrations on how chocolate is tempered as well as a glance behind the secret curtains of the packaging section (perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the visit – what was so secret about a conveyor belt??!). Oh, I nearly forgot, more free chocolate was handed out (this time pure, chunky, Dairy Milk…, nothing added, nothing taken away!). The jewel in the Cadbury crown was the gift shop which took us, once more, into the fantasy realm of Cadbury chocolate. Every conceivable Cadbury product was there and most of us took advantage of this and took yet more chocolate goodies home! We left, our clothes perfumed by the omnipresent smell of warm, molten chocolate and our appetites for chocolate (and probably Cadbury) Easter eggs firmly wetted!

Steve Lowe

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