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Today there are many people struggling to make ends meet, folk who simply cannot manage to feed their children. They are not confined to inner cities but can be found in villages like ours. People in this situation are not always easy to identify but social workers, GPs, the Police, clergy and other professionals know who they are. Poverty of this kind can be caused by anything from a broken marriage, to redundancy or the late payment of benefits.

As a Benefice, we want to become part of the new Fosse Food Bank that will be based at Kineton and will serve a population of twenty to thirty thousand people in churches around this part of Warwickshire. It is planned that the Food Bank will be up and running by Easter and we trust that each of our churches will want to pray for the food bank, collect food to donate (there will be a list of non-perishable food that will provide a balanced diet), act as a distribution centre and possibly supply volunteers to help at the main hub in Kineton.

Only three days food is ever provided at one time and people are referred to the Food Bank by professionals and given vouchers they can redeem for food from their local distribution point. No family will receive more than three vouchers in any one crisis so that dependency is avoided.

This is a very practical way of helping the most needy in our communities and the model to be used is that of the Trussell Trust, a very experienced organisation with over 270 Food Banks operating around the country in rural and urban areas.  Watch this space for more information!

John Horton.

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