‘Love yourself.’

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We began our session with a listen to Justin Bieber’s song ‘Love yourself.’
We talked about how someone who wants to change us or who continually, ‘rains on our parade,’ isn’t a great friend to have & how a friend should make us feel good.
We focused also on the importance of loving ourselves.
We concluded by making a person full of a our and a friends best qualities.




Watch out! The Spirit’s about!

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Family Service at Ettington on Sunday 7th June at 10.30am…

What the spirit can do in you….. All those gifts God gives us….come and celebrate them!

Theo is to be Baptised….watch the Holy Spirit in action!

Everyone welcome!



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Hi guys!
Sadly, we’ll have to postpone tonight at the White Hart.
Still coughing and spluttering!
Watch this space for new dates!
C x


Postponement of the Holy Land meeting

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If you were planning to come to the meeting about our pilgrimage to the holy land, this evening, I think we’d better postpone our gathering!
I am still coughing and spluttering, and am anxious not to pass the lurgy on!
We’ll set a new date in due course!


The Pilgrim Course

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This is a new course from the Church of England… It helps us to explore our faith and grow as a group and as individuals
Starts in Stourdene on April 13th at 7.30 at Ettington Vicarage
All are welcome!

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