A Really Good Morning

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Saint David’s Newbold welcomes a really special visitor!

Last Wednesday morning the Mother’s Union of Newbold-on-Stour hosted a service attended by the World Wide President of the organisation, Mrs Lyne Tenby. Lyne was accompanied on her visit to Saint David’s Newbold-on-Stour by the Diocesan President of the organisation, Mrs Di Sliwinski.

The ladies of Newbold had invited other local Mothers’ Union members and friends to join them for a Communion Service led by the Rev Cath Vickers and The Rev Alison Massey making a congregation totalling around 50 people. It was a very joyful occasion with plenty of coffee and mince pies to follow.

The congregation ranged from around nine years old to over ninety and represented well the values of the world-wide Mothers’ Union with its focus on marriage and family empowered by the Holy Spirit.


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The Alderminster Crafts Group came into being in 2009. Mrs. Pat Hooton, a skilled craftswoman, who had worked on group projects before, gathered a dozen or so people together who were interested. For several years the group has made products for sale at Christmas Fairs and Summer Fetes.  Proceeds were donated to the church and village hall funds In January 2012, the year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Pat had the idea of making a Diamond Jubilee Heritage Map of Alderminster, to be hung in the church.  We would start in the Jubilee year and not worry if it took longer than that year to finish it – as it did!  We were encouraged to choose our own subjects and manner of working, for the various panels to go round an embroidered map of the village. Each panel represents some aspect of life in Alderminster: the church and churchyard, various houses and businesses, clubs and societies and the surrounding countryside, as well as symbols of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, and the Olympic torch, which was carried through the village.   The panels were then combined and sewn to a backing material to be suspended on a horizontal pole as a wall-hanging. The finished work celebrates and gives thanks for our local community and its history. It is now installed in the South Transept of St. Mary & The Holy Cross Church, Alderminster.  We have also put together an album of photographs and short descriptions of each of the pieces, their subject and the method used for each. On Wednesday, 20 November, at 7pm, there was a special service, during which the Map was dedicated by the Right Reverend David Evans.  Bishop David lived and worked in our parish before he retired.   We invited everyone in the village, and in particular those whose homes or businesses are featured on the map, to the service and for refreshments afterwards. Many came, and stayed to look at the Map and talk to each other over drinks and nibbles so the event became both a celebration of much hard work and an outreach to those who do not normally attend our services. We hope people who visit the church will enjoy looking at the Map and book, discover a little about the village and perhaps be inspired to do something similar of their own.  The group has much enjoyed working together over cups of tea and biscuits in each other’s houses, learning new skills and getting to know each other. Members provide their own materials to minimize expenses, but they are very grateful to kind sponsors who make donations of money, materials or practical help. Sue Sabbagh November 2013

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