Love is in the air……or is it chocolate?

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Lent, Chocolate and Love were the 3 categories for Steve Lowe’s own version of that well loved (or hated?) game ‘Pictionary’. Teams came up with a word in each category for the other teams to draw for their team mates. Try drawing the word “Yum!” The next session on Tue 12th March will be the last one until after Easter. This will be the last chance to get your Cadbury World money in before the trip on Saturday 16th. We do have a couple more children on a waiting list now so do please let us know straight away if you can’t come so we can offer them a place on the minibus. Jane Evans.


Bread Group!

Hi everyone,
Just to remind everyone that bread group meets every Tuesday in lent, to prepare the bread for the lent lunches.
Everyone is welcome – Ettington vicarage 7pm onwards


Lively discussion and a good get-together!

Well, we met for our first Lent discussion, and it was certainly lively!
A mix of people from around the parishes came together to think and talk about God’s relationship with creation.
We talked around three questions:

What would we mean by “God the Creator”?
If we are made in God’s image, what does that mean?
How does God feel towards his creation?

The discussion took us to some unexpected places, and there was a fascinating sharing of ideas.
Thanks to all who came.

The next meeting is this Thursday, when our subject is “Why come and join us? What’s Christmas all about?”
Wine and soft drinks and nibbles will be served – all welcome!


The World’s Largest Pancake

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Apparently, the world’s largest pancake was 15 metres in diameter! Our pancakes at youth group certainly weren’t anywhere near that big but they were most definitely very tasty. We’re not sure how Steve Lowe managed to cook so many in such a short space of time – or even why he could bring himself to do it – but we are certainly glad he did! With various toppings including chopped fruit (the healthy option), squirty cream, chocolate buttons and a host of ‘squeezy’ items to choose from as well, it rounded off a great session that included a quiz based around facts on Lent and Shrove Tuesday devised by Steve Evans. The winning team consisted of Luis Saunders, George Wade, Sam Rawles and Charlie Reynolds – well done lads. As Fairtrade Fortnight runs from Monday 25th February to Sunday 10th March, we will be basing our session around Fairtrade on Tuesday. Don’t forget to let Jane have your money for Cadbury World and a current Consent Form if you haven’t already provided one. Jane Evans.


Did you know? – a shocking statistic…

I was astounded to learn from John’s talk in yesterday’s benefice communion service that we spend over 4 billion pounds on bottled water in the west….yet it would only take 1.7 billion to provide clean water for all those who need it….a shocking statistic.
I have always been aware of the injustice of the divide between rich and poor – both between rich and poor countries and between the rich and poor to be found in most societies; but this statistic really drove things home for me. None of us really need bottled water – it’s nice, but not a necessity – and we are so fortunate to have such good clean water coming to us all the time through our taps.

As many of you know I need to lose weight!
So I propose to begin a sponsored weight loss at the beginning of March and continuing to September. The proceeds will go to Water Aid.

Please sponsor me, if you can – and fill in a form so that we can claim the tax back from Her Majesty’s tax people!

Lets provide some people who need it with the clean water we so easily take for granted.


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