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Posted by GIFT admin on Nov 24, 2012 in GIFT

Hello once again! I apologise for not being able to do this for quite a while but I have been extremely busy with A-level work and University visits.

As many of you may know, on Sunday 18th November, GIFT had a major part in the monthly benifice service, held in Ettington this month. Very well done to all of our members who turned up and helped on a Sunday morning. As well as our active role in the service itself, we were selling cakes and running a “Match the Pictures” competition, which was raising money for our chosen charity, the English Federation for Disability Sport.

This Tuesday, were back in the Church after a very busy few weeks doing our walking and fireworks. We were each trying to design a GIFT logo, with the best (hopefully) being used as our actual logo. After the usual drinks and chocolate, the leaders tried, with varying degrees of success, to get the twenty-odd children there, to have a group photoa and video! This was managed after quite a few takes and will be available for viewing at some point in the near future.

In the run up to Christmas, we will probably go bowling, with a trip to Cadbury world planned for the New Year. I will definitly keep you updated with news of this as I get it.

As usual, I am open to any questions, so please don’t hesitate to leave comments below!

Jonathan Rogers

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Christingle & Toy Service Newbold

Posted by Gilly on Nov 23, 2012 in Newbold on Stour

It is that time of year when we start to look forward to Christmas and what it all means to us.  The excitement begins with the lighting of the Christingles.

However we do need to remember that some children may not have much to look forward to, so it is at this service that many of us like to bring a toy which is then passed to the Birmingham City Mission who distribute to children in their area. It is important that the toy is unwrapped so that an appropriate gift is chosen for each child.  They do have to be new toys to ensure they comply with health and safety regulations.


Why not join in the conversation?

Hello All!
Please do join in our conversations – why not respond to our blogs and tweets – the whole notion is to have conversations about life/ faith/ God……
Feel free to come back at us, if you disagree!
Here’s hoping!


Women Bishops measure voted out.

Today the general synod voted on the women bishops measure, and it was defeated.
There is a good deal of shock and dismay that, despite the fact that the church has voted overwhelmingly in favour as dioceses, those who form the house of layity are not representative of the general view.
There are a great many hurt people, both women and men, and we need to hold the Church as a whole in our prayers.
Personally, I am really surprised at how despondent this makes me feel. How are any of us to try to represent the Church as relevant when its procedures are so ham-strung that moving forward is slowed to a stop?
So pray:
for those of all views
for those who lead us, particularly our bishops
for the relevance, faithfulness and unity of our Church.


Getting it wrong…..

Today I found out I had let someone down very badly – unintentionally and without realising it, but nevertheless I have.
It’s an awful feeling isn’t it?
There’s such a temptation just to be angry with people who are angry with you….and yet that only makes things worse….
When we do get things badly wrong, God knows what is in our heart, and I think we just have to listen to him for help with what to do next – perhaps try to build some bridges….
I always find it really important to talk to someone I trust about things – then it’s easier to see things from a wider perspective…who knows, God might even speak through them.
Sometimes it is “me” who is to blame, but it is so important that each of us remembers that we are a beloved child of God, no matter how many times we mess up…

Thank God for that!


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