Cooking Biscuits!

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Hello again and welcome to the second of my blogs! This week, we spent the hour andThe Cake Decorator a half preparing, cooking and decorating biscuits. After splitting ourselves into four groups, Jane Evans provided us with a recipe that was very easy to follow, even for me! All we had to do was mix up 4 tablespoons of flour, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 100g of butter and 2 tablespoons of cornflour. Then we rolled the resulting blob of dough so it was flat, cut into shapes and cooked them. Having applied icing and various toppings, we spent the last ten minutes eating our creations. If anyone would like a more complete recipe than the one that I have given above, I am sure that Jane Evans will be happy to provide one.

Also this session, we were happy to welcome Jasper, Ellie and Berunka, who I hope will continue to go to GIFT, even if the meetings don’t always involve as much food as their first one!

Next week, we will out in Ettington, doing an orienteering challenge set by Mark, our new leader. A reminder to all GIFT members, wrap up warm!

If anybody has any comments or questions, please feel free to leave them below and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Jonathan Rogers

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We can party in the rain, we’re British!

Bishop John with one of Ettington’s smaller residents

Well, the bread oven was finally finished, the dough made, the Gazebos were erected (thank God!) And all we had to do was light the fire, bake the bread and wait for the bishop and the mob to arrive…and they did!

Even in the pouring rain we had over 50 people join our bring and share lunch to celebrate both our confirmation and our new bread oven.

Bishop John, who is getting rather used to us this week, blessed the oven and we all tucked in.

It was great fun – soggy- but fun!!

It seems that the bishop became besotted by a small Ettington resident…. Watch this space for pictoral evidence!

Here are some photos of our day and the making of the bread oven.

Thanks to all who came and made the party such a success, and to those who slaved away over a hot stove…. Yummy bread!



Well done and congratulations!!

Posted by Cath on Sep 24, 2012 in Cath Vickers, Ettington, Stourdene News

Wow! What a weekend!
A wonderful confirmation with Bishop John….a really special atmosphere and an evening to remember for our seven candidates, Hattie, Ollie, Maddi, Katie, Sam, Hannah and George.
Thank you so much to all those who helped, prepared, supported and prayed… It was an evening where the church family really came into its own….
A truly moving experience!

C x


Bring your PETS to Church!!!

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Yes, it’s true!

Halford’s harvest festival is a thanksgiving for ALL Gods’s gifts….especially his creatures!
So, bring your pet to church and give thanks for all the love our pets bring into our lives and our community….

Dog walkers…we hope to see you there

Cat and guinea pig and hamster lovers…oh and rabbits…bring them along….but a cage or crate would be a good idea…we don’t want any pet funerals!!
The service should be a really good coming together and celebration of the beauty of all that surrounds us…..7th October, 10 am!

Oh…I forgot the chickens….!



Come on and Celebrate!!

Well hello, everyone!
Who likes celebrating?

Well why not come and join us this Sunday at 1pm in the Vicarage Garden….?

We’re going to celebrate the building of our community bread oven and share in the party with those who will have been confirmed.
EVERYONE is welcome.

Bishop John is coming to bless our oven then its a free – for – all as we have a bring and share lunch. Bring a plate and/or a bottle to share ( and a garden chair if you can!) and join in the fun.

Taste the first bread out of the oven…it’d better be worth it!!

Thanks so much to Geoff, Mark and Steve, who have helped with the building….and Geoff doesn’t even eat bread!!

Come on in!


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