Posted by Cath on Aug 30, 2012 in Alderminster

Thank you so much to everyone who made our fete so much fun…..

What a wonderful day…

Well done, Menna, with your beautiful hair – the fete was very well opened!

And well done to all those who contributed and organised…..

A great day!



Pet service.. You’ve got to try it!

Posted by Cath on Aug 30, 2012 in Cath Vickers, Newbold on Stour, Stourdene News

Guess what-
We’re having a pet service on Sunday, on Newbold village green at 11 o’clock

Why not come along- bring your pets and give thanks for their loveliness!

If you haven’t got a pet, come and give thanks for everyone else’s!

It’ll be great fun…..

See you there!



A bright and colourful church? Surely not!!?

Posted by Cath on Aug 30, 2012 in Cath Vickers, Stourdene News

Hello again,
Yesterday I went to visit a little girl and her Mummy about a baptism.
It was wonderful to be asked to play! I had to feed the dolly and change his nappy and all this was closely supervised by 4 year old Olivia with unwavering attention.
We chatted about the baptism and about all things “God and Church” – and then she presented me with her picture of the church to take home…..
It was the best picture! Bright colours, interesting shapes, dotty bits and splodgey bits – really exciting.
It really made me think….. How wonderful it would be if that were how the church was perceived..and if everyone who went was really excited about going!
Now there’s food for thought…
Let’s try a colourful Church!



God at work

Posted by Cath on Aug 23, 2012 in Cath Vickers

Well, where have I found God at work so far this week?

In the fun and laughter at holiday club….and in the insight of our youngsters who have a .real sense of God’s love and closeness to them. In the devotion of the adults who came to help…and in their openness to learn from the children. Such enthusiasm, and joy… Hurray!

In the sense of family at our United Service last Sunday….the way people mix up and mingle……the real sense of the love of brothers and sisters.

In the wonder of a new baby – and the delight of his family

In the togetherness of our bread group who celebrated a members birthday on Tuesday; and the wonderful opportunity to come together with all ages and backgrounds of people.

In the letting go of those who are close to death …in the reassurance that they ARE in God’s hands and that nothing can separate them from his love…..and in the tenderness of those who care for them.

In the arrival of a dear friend who I haven’t seen for ages……it’s as if we only met last week!

Thank God!


And it’s still only Thursday


Alderminster Fete

Posted by Cath on Aug 23, 2012 in Alderminster, Cath Vickers, Stourdene News

I can’t wait….
Racing snails?…really?!
Hot pork sandwiches, a bar tent, barbecue, tea tent……and that’s before you even start on the stalls!
Fantastic Dog show, complete with doggy tombola!

Come along and play silly games, enjoy refreshing yourself, and stock up on the goodies you know you love!!!

See you there….

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