Spring is most definitely here

Posted by Cath on May 1, 2012 in Cath Vickers, Stourdene News

I am writing this on such a beautiful morning – spring is most definitely here! Easter is with us – the season lasts until Pentecost on 27th May…. I wonder whether the Easter eggs will last that long!!!!

May is an important month in our churches:

  • firstly, because on 20th May from 9.30am – 2.00pm we are planning a united church meeting in Ettington Community centre – there will be a Sunday Club for Children, and a “bring and share” lunch for us all. We hope to discern together how best we can serve God in our communities in the future. The event will have elements of bible study, worship and prayer – and plenty of chance for discussion among our individual church groups, as well as together. Please do come…. We need people from all our communities.
  • and secondly, because the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, is coming to our deanery on 27th May. He will be preaching at a communion service at Tredington at 9.30am and we will only have one service in the benefice that day – at Alderminster at 4.00pm, so that we will be able to be part of that special occasion.

Jesus, when he showed us how to live his way, taught us so much about kindness, about love, about peace and hope and faith and joy…… but he was clear, too that his followers needed to be together as a family – the Church. The Church is far from perfect, I know, but at least we try to meet together as Jesus asked, and to work as a family for our communities……

We frequently get it wrong, – we are human after all, but having faith and trying to follow as best we can in Jesus’ footsteps is what we’re here for.
In this time of Easter – it’s so important to keep in mind the new life, the fresh start, and the indestructible love that God offers us……

Happy, Happy Easter

Love to all,

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