GIFT is going from strength to strength

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Challenge in a GIFT session – who can build the highest structure?

Well, another term is over and we are planning and looking forward to the summer one with excitement. GIFT is going from strength to strength.

With a further 5 youngsters having joined us in the spring term, numbers for attendance now average 20 a session. With both age groups meeting on the same evening, inevitably we had some issues to work out, not least being how to deal with the decibel volume of that many young people in one place at the same time! In most future sessions, both age groups will be separated within the church as there are 2 or 3 places that smaller groups can work away from each other.

As leaders we are keen though to combine the groups at times so that the youngsters do understand they are all part of the GIFT family. They are a lovely group of young people, all with their own unique personalities and opinions and are very enthusiastic about being part of youth group, which shows in their dedication to regular attendance. Inevitably, we do sometimes have issues with behaviour and would ask that parents remind youngsters that we are all there voluntarily and need to show respect for each other.

We are keen to provide a different environment than the one they experience during a school day.

Steve, Steve & Jane


Fundraising Update

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Our fundraising treasurer, Lydia Wade, informs us that after three successful cake sales, which took place at the end of the United Services in November, December and February, we now have almost £100 raised for the ‘Make a Wish Foundation’.

After some discussion, it has been agreed that the start of a new academic year would be an appropriate time to elect a new charity to support. In the meantime, we will continue to fundraise for ‘Make a Wish’ and do have 2 possible events in the pipeline, a car wash, which we hope to do as soon after Easter as possible and a walk, which 2 girls in our younger group are keen to organise. The walk would not require sponsorship as people would simply pay to take part and stroll through some of the lovely surrounding countryside.

More details on these to follow.



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In an effort to make the Traidcraft stall (currently being organisedby Geoff Vickers on behalf of Ettington PCC) more accessible to all the parishes in the Benefice, it is intended to move responsibility for it over to GIFT.

The youngsters are keen to get involved in promoting Traidcraft in our 6 churches and also to take some responsibility for things like stock taking and ordering. We should add that all this will be done with appropriate adult supervision. It is also hoped to provide a small crate of items to each church for use at their Sunday services, with tops-up being provided as needed.

In this way, it is hoped that Traidcraft will get the full support of the whole Benefice on a regular basis. Alexander Rogers has offered to undertake this job.


Confirmation Classes

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Six of our youngsters are attending Confirmation Classes at Ettington Vicarage on Wednesday evenings with Revd Cath Vickers.

This is quite a commitment from them on top of their fortnightly attendance at GIFT and really shows their desire to explore their faith further. There is a Confirmation Service scheduled for Saturday 22nd September (venue and time tbc) and we do hope that you will join us in praying for the youngsters as they spend time each week with Cath learning what it means to be part of God’s family and preparing for their confirmation.


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